Mortar Work

I carry out all general mortar works including:

Ridge tiles rebedded/pointed

Gables resecured/pointed

If you suspect you have problems with your mortar joints, give me a call and I will carry out an inspection and supply a quotation for any necessary repair work. 


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Time Frames

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Long established BA Champion is based in Sutton, Surrey and is happy to take on all types of Mortar work in Sutton and all over Surrey.  I always guarantee my roofing services.  In fact BA Champion do all types of mortar work in Sutton, Carshalton, Banstead, Cheam, Ewell, Worcester park, Epsom, Wallington, Morden, new Malden and Mitcham. Don't put up with cheap labour and an imperfect job on your roof...if you need ridge tiles rebedded/pointed for professional mortar work call me. So for all your roofing needs please contact me for best quality mortar work. If your gables must be resecured or pointed your roof is at risk of leaks so if you need mortar repairs in Purley or Sutton then please contact us. For an outstanding finish and protection from the weather get mortar work done by Sutton roofers BA Champion and always be assured of a great result that lasts. I am happy to undertake inspections and quotes for mortar work in Sutton or the Surrey area.  So for expert roofing services including mortar works and repairs to any type of roof - pick the best in Surrey - BA Champion.